Metablogging I

  1. You may have noticed one post disappeared.  That may happen to other posts in the future: maybe one or two, maybe not.  Maybe just chunks of them.  If I know you and you want to see an un-post, just ask and I’ll be happy to share it with you.  All occulted posts will eventually be restored, glorious and incorruptible, before the Last Day.
  2. I am blogging in something like a silent void.  In the silence one starts to hear noises.
  3. Topics slated to appear one of these years: hunting, horseshoe theory, leader/follower hierarchy, popular misconceptions about future technological progress, popular mandates, brand, risk, conspiracy, an election retrospective, more fundamentals, plus (of course! would I disappoint you?) the continuations of series I’ve already started.
  4. Most accounts following this blog appear to be spambots.  If you want me to follow your blog for any reason, good or bad, just @ me or leave a comment to that effect.  I am unlikely to remember to press the Follow button after reading an essay under normal circumstances.

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