2016: Year in Review💥 🎉

janusThe first year of Quas Lacrimas was a successful one.  Thanks to all my original readers, and to a hearty welcome to my new ones.  For the benefit of those who tuned in recently, a highlights reel:

1. The NatSocratic Method.  In which the difficulty of avowing unpopular beliefs is acknowledged; feigning ignorance of major historical events is advocated; impious doubts are laundered, and come out as sparkling-clean pieties.

2. Religious Phylogeny.  In which scorn is heaped upon the annoying habit of conflating ancient Judæans with contemporary jews. (The coveted QL 2016 MVP Award goes to Martin for helping me flog this one! Thank you, Martin.)

3. Brazilification.  In which a metaphor for white genocide, much in vogue in the first half of 2016, is examined and found to be inside-out.  (In the second half of the year, the metaphor seems to have died out.  Coincidence?  Or the awesome power of Quas Lacrimas readers bringing the light of truth to wretched normies?  I couldn’t possibly comment.)

4. Fundamentals and More Fundamentals.

5. Douthat on Immigration.  In which Mr. Douthat’s thoughts on immigration are criticized, and alternatives to the “assimilation” cliché are put forth.

6. The Snowflake Theory of Identity Politics.  In which identity politics is explored and explained; the tendency of identity politics to drive out political principles is analyzed.

7. Logical Tells for Leftists, Attrition in the Meme War, and Political Emotions.  In which leftists are treated as annoying distractions.  A range of common leftist fallacies, the material advantages underlying leftist propaganda strategies, and interconnection of emotion and rational action are all brought to light.

8. Winning and Its Complications.  In which the forces that hold coalitions together and those that pull them apart are outlined.

9. Trump’s 100 Days Plan.  In which a still-neglected topic, Trump’s commitments for the first three months of his administration, is summarized and assessed.  (How effectively and faithfully Trump pursues this plan will be vastly more important to our cause, and to our tactics going forward, than whether you can get Bill Mitchell to say “nigger”.  You don’t need to read my evaluation but you don’t talk to me about “momentum” or “holding feet to the fire” if you haven’t studied his plan and started wargaming possible scenarios.)

10. Physical Anthropology in 1950. In which the merits of allegedly inaccurate and naive anthropometrics are reassessed; general hypotheses about intellectual history (and its distortion by progressives) are then drawn out.

11. False Consciousness isn’t Cuckoldry.  In which the distinction between false consciousness and proper consciousness is explained.  (No bats were harmed or misguided in the making of this essay.)

12. Fascism and Fashy vs. Twiggy.  In which the f-word is placed under the microscope.

13. Doxxing (continuation).  In which the young, the naive, and the trusting are strongly encouraged to maintain anonymity as carefully as possible. (I know it’s hopeless, I know.)

14. On Conspiratorial Thinking.  In which a blunt tool is put back in the toolbox while we learn to use our new toys: an exquisite selection of finely honed, precisely balanced slicing implements.

Happy New Year, everyone.  May your resolve hold firm in the current year, and may all possible blessings descend on you, your family, and our civilization.  I hope you all continue to read and to enjoy Quas Lacrimas.  And heartfelt thanks to you all for inspiring these little bursts of scribbling.

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