Metablogging II

  1.  The next few posts are going to be “from the archives” — typing up stuff I wrote a long time ago. Four years and three days ago, to be precise.  I’m only editing them lightly, for a variety of reasons (which I’ll touch on in the individual posts).
  2. I want to thank everyone who is working to publicize my posts.  It really is working; QL keeps hitting new all-time highs, in terms of readers. (Our new daily record is 402 views, which translates into ~40 people reading a post.)
  3. As a follow-up, I would ask that when you are pasting material from my posts elsewhere that you quote excerpts rather than copy-pasting the entire post.  Main reason: I like to see how many people are reading each post.  Secondary reason: I’d hope that people might like the first post and read a few more while they’re visiting the blog.
  4. The “A Little Learning” series will continue.  I got behind on editing it while putting out Political Concepts: Servitude… that was absorbing all my free time. Expect it to resume in the next few days.

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