Metablogging III

  1. “Loving the Sinner” [pt 1][pt 2] has been spinning out of control. The remainder of the essay longer than I wanted it to be, which is doubly unfortunate in light of the fact that no one has actually read the first two parts yet.  Probably I should have re-oriented each section as a stand-alone essay, then unified the points in a finale. Ah well, live and learn.  — I guess I’ll post the remaining three installments as-is.  Maybe later I’ll take a second crack at the same topic and get a smoother, compact result.  I’m expecting that I’ll post Parts 4 and 5 as “pre-prints” (i.e. without illustrations or the final round of editing) when I post 3 to force myself to hammer them out quickly.
  2. A Little Learning will resume eventually, but at this point I’ve given up on saying when.  When it does resume, my plan is that the short chunks will be daily from that point on.
  3. As I mentioned elsewhere: if you have criticisms or questions about something I’ve written and you post them as a comment, or anywhere I can point a permanent hyperlink to, chances are very good I’ll answer.
  4. That said, please remember to balance the effort and tone you put into your objections against how I know you and what kind of reply you hope to receive.  If I admire and respect you, you can say “U suk” and I’ll unearth some substantive objection lurking under the jeer.  If we’re friends, I’ll interpret whatever you with charity.  If I have no idea who you are, and your objections are sloppy and thoughtless, well… just know what to expect.
  5. Returning to something I touched on in #1: I’m mystified by what makes some posts vastly more popular than others.  I occasionally try to figure it out, and then remember it might have to do with the schedule of the holiday season or chance affinities between my posts and current events.  However, if you think you can answer my question, let me know!  (Remember, your explanation should correctly predict which posts were the popular ones.)
  6. I think someone asked me what Quas Lacrimas means.  But I can’t figure out where I was asked; possibly it was in a dream.  “What tears,” or “How many tears,” i.e. How many tears are we laying aside, to give to the next generation as its inheritance?  From Lucretius, De rerum natura.

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