Metablogging IV

  1. I’m broadly thinking about changing the organization of the planned “White Genocide” series. I’ll spin off many of the topics I intended to cover into “biological concepts”; then WG #2 will be an “elevator pitch” you can spam shitlibs with, WG #3 will be a sprint through different ways to think about the effects of demographic replacement (linking the various “biological concepts” posts), maybe in Q&A format — and after #3 I’ll reassess and see if there’s anything left I want to say on the topic.  But this is up in the air at this point, so if any reader has strong feelings about the relative value of continuous series vs. “concepts” weigh in, put me on the right path.
  2. I had intended Memetic Lebensraum as a 2-part essay (in fact, I promised as much on social media) but I’ve had feedback expressing confusion about the structure of the essay and/or whether it is complete, so I will write a summary/conclusion. (I had originally planned to end part two with a “How I see my blog fitting into the re-conquest” section, but it seemed self-indulgent… and also, Conquest was already very long.)
  3. Additionally, questions about what I meant by “the left” spurred me to focus my free time this week on an idea that had been germinating.  Keep an eye out.
  4. I’ve put up an archive of my “tweetstorms” from my original account. Nothing fancy, just didn’t want to lose them. — I may archive more here from time to time. If you want some place to store a tweetstorm and send me the raw text I’d be open to making pages for other people.
  5. When I put it to a poll, there seemed to be a rough majority who thought QL’s copy-editing is too sloppy. I’ll probably start improving the most popular posts and move on down.
  6. QL has 4-6 drafts nearing completion; after I post those, posting will probably be lighter for a while.  January was a fun time for writing, but I need to rebalance towards reading and personal projects for at least a few weeks.
  7. I’ve started making lists of people, based on their interests, to tag in when I tweet out new posts.  I can of course add you (or take you off) the lists at your request.

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