Metablogging V: Metametablogging

For a while I was occasionally posting about which QL posts were nearing completion, which were postponed indefinitely, which were coming up in the queue behind other posts. The implicit assumption of the metablogging was that some of the people who read the blog are keeping track of series I’ve started, topics I’ve promised to write about, and that sort of thing. Realistically I don’t think anyone follows QL closely enough to be disappointed when a post I’ve promised fails to materialize, so I’ve stopped doing it: arcana imperii, and all that. But if anyone does want to know the status of a certain draft, let me know.


3 thoughts on “Metablogging V: Metametablogging

  1. Please finish your series on technofuturist BS. This would be a real service because so few informed commentators address these questions from a skeptical perspective.

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    1. Hey JE! Good to hear from ya.

      I actually trashed that series a while ago because there was zero interest in the first installment. But I hear and I obey – I’ll re-examine the drafts and see what is of interest there.


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