Jewish Values are the Real Hꙮlꙮcaust

I stumbled across this post on SSC after getting some incoming traffic from somewhere in the comment thread. Scott Alexander’s basic story: per Cochran and Harpending, a millennium of selection for Ashkenazi tax farmers and debt collectors made Ashkenazim cleverer (true!), and then Ashkenazi cleverness ushered in fifty years of jew-led scientific revolutions (um), which was abruptly brought to an end by… (((plot twist)))… none other than Adolf Hitler.

Man, that was one bad dude!

For some reason Scott Alexander, whether he is in one of his more sincere moods or his (((creative))) moods, inspires me to actually check facts rigorously. In this case I couldn’t help but wonder: how many children did the fourteen Hungarian mathematicians and physicists whom Alexander mentions have, between them?

The answer is fourteen, if Wikipedia is to be trusted. (I welcome corrections.)

  • Neumann> 1
  • Szilard> 0
  • Teller> 2
  • Wigner> 3
  • Harsanyi> 0
  • Kurti> 0 (?)
  • Karman> 0
  • Michael Polanyi> 2
  • Balogh> 2
  • Kaldor> 4
  • Lax> 0
  • Erdõs> 0
  • Polya> 0
  • Gabor> 0

Fourteen geniuses with 28 pairs of “genius chromosomes” passed on only 14 pairs to the next generation: a 50% rate of attrition. It’s like anudda shoah!

Maybe some of them supported their genetically-gifted nieces and nephews, and 14 children underestimates the genetic success of early twentieth-century ashkie geniuses.

On the other hand, quickly eyeballing Alexander’s list, I have the most respect for Neumann, Szilard, Harsanyi, Polanyi, and Erdõs, who only managed three children between them (including a Nobel Prize winner, if memory serves). That would suggest that the most successful researchers were the least successful reproducers. Perhaps I’m wrong about whose achievements were the most impressive, and Kaldor (who I really think of more as a middle-of-the-road economist than a mathematical genius) and Wigner were the true crème de la crème of turn-of-the-century Budapest. And perhaps this relationship doesn’t reflect hereditable mathematical ability, but rather a trade-off between intense focus on research and a happy family life.

Either way, unless Wikipedia is spectacularly inaccurate even by its own malleable standards, it appears that very few proven Hungarian mathematical geniuses failed to pass their talents on to the next generation because of the blue-eyed, bloody-handed goys, whereas a great many simply failed to have children.

How did these men, well-paid and mostly married, fail to produce any children?


But Alexander’s account of the relationship between the frequency of Hungarian geniuses and innovation is just as tendentious as his account of the relationship between “a psychopath with a stupid mustache” and the lack of Hungarian innovators:

For centuries, Europe was sitting on this vast untapped resource of potential geniuses. Around 1880, in a few countries only, economic and political conditions finally became ripe for the potential to be realized. The result was one of the greatest spurts of progress in scientific history, bringing us relativity, quantum mechanics, nuclear bombs, dazzling new mathematical systems, the foundations of digital computing, and various other abstruse ideas I don’t even pretend to understand. This lasted for approximately one generation, after which a psychopath with a stupid mustache killed everyone involved.

According to Scott Alexander, European science pre-1880 was held back by its palpable lack of Ashkenazim, and thus its increasing lethargy post-1950 can be traced back to the same problem. It reminds me of Wally Shawn: “You’ve heard of Plato? Aristotle? Moronth!”

Galileo? Kepler? Tycho Brahe? Descartes? Mersenne? Morons! Fermat, Newton, Leibniz: morons. Cauchy, Fourier, Galois, Abel, Jacobi: morons. Cuvier, Lyell, Baer, Agassiz, Darwin, Haeckel, Mendel: morons. Riemann, Sylow, Lie, Klein, Hamilton, Cayley: morons.

European science has been in a state of continual creative ferment for four hundred years. During most of this period, no jews were involved in the ferment. Indeed, what is unusual about the two generations Alexander is considering is not that there were revolutionary discoveries or that they were strangely concentrated in a few narrow geographic networks, but that (ex hypothesi: this is Alexander’s starting point, that there was one “spurt” which “lasted approximately one generation”) the first fifty-year period of mind-boggling discoveries to be dominated by jews was also the final period of mind-boggling discoveries.

So perhaps the question to be asked about innovation is not “Why did the West run out of jew geniuses?” Scientific innovation by super-geniuses and in particular mathematical innovation did not require jews in the past and thus should not require jews now. Rather the question is “Why did jewish dominance of Western academic institutions start to stifle scientific innovation almost immediately?” And perhaps, in pondering this riddle, it is more illuminating to look at the success of the Freud-cult in psychology, the Marx-cult in sociology, or even the Boas-cult in anthropology than at the healthier cousins of these cults in mathematics and the natural sciences.



10 thoughts on “Jewish Values are the Real Hꙮlꙮcaust

  1. When the revolutionary movements took hold, the bureaucrat became the apex of society. IQ suffered.

    The wars definitely weren’t good for anyone’s IQ either, but apparently everyone slept through the lectures on Stalin. Nor does anyone want to question this stupid unconditional war stuff. They still pretend we just had to drop the bomb on Japan. Recently visited a WWII museum with my father. Couldn’t help thinking we seemed to be helping the Commies win…

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  2. I don’t know what a “mind-boggling discovery” is supposed to be and how did this hypothesized Jew cult in mathematics manage to systematically stifle the production of mind-boggling discoveries in pure mathematics, especially given the fact that *any* discovery in pure math whatsoever is by definition “mind-boggling” to all but a small fraction of the population. But perhaps Quas Lacrimas is right up there with Terence Tao. It is certainly intriguing that a mathematician of Quas’ calibre is pseudonymously writing neoreactionary essays on the web. Is it dangerous for his career?

    And, of course, the idea of the Faustian expansionist European continuously producing mind-bogglers unstopped for centuries is the most linearly Whiggish thing I’ve heard in a while. But perhaps Quas’ neoreactionary essays will be just the spark for a new renaissance.

    (Perhaps rather than Jew cults, it’s computerization. Where before machines were special-purpose, the computer as a universal general-purpose machine has some revolutionary implications.)

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    1. I will never be of the caliber of Terence Tao at anything, but I assure you pseudonymous reactionary essay-writing is a very dangerous hobby.

      The essence of “neo-” as opposed to just plain “reaction”, as I understand it, is not fetishizing Moldbug or skimming TWiR, but understanding that you can have accumulation of scientific and technical knowledge contemporaneous with social degeneration – indeed, that new technologies can mask the symptoms of social degeneration. The classic example: improved surgical techniques save the lives of crime-victims, causing the crimes to be downgraded from “murder” to “assault”, causing an apparent decline in the murder rate without any corresponding decline in criminal behavior.

      Note, btw, that *I* did not stipulate that there has been nothing as mind-boggling as the work of Neumann, Szilard, Polanyi &co in the last fifty years: that is simply a premise of Scott Alexander’s conclusion. If you believe there has been no change, then there is nothing to explain.

      (I didn’t go deep into detail on that point because I thought Alexander’s line of reasoning was wrong even granted his premise about scientific achieving in the 20th c. But I do think you can probably articulate some defensible standards wrt (a) which discoveries are “mind-boggling” and (b) which eras are “revolutionary”. Cardano’s tentative decision to plow through “absurd” intermediate steps to arrive at real-valued solutions to cubic equations is less mind-boggling than Hamilton’s extension of the complex numbers to the quaternions. No?)


      1. Where did I imply that neoreaction is about fetishizing Moldbug?

        Neoreaction is nothing more than a dumb in-joke that got out of hand. For what it’s worth, de facto authorities on the subject like Nick Land have now declared it to be some exit-based commercial polyarchy with, get this, Protestant heritage:

        I use it as a synonym for what Land calls “contemporary paleoreaction.” Paleoreaction. Think about that term for a moment.

        Over the past two decades, we have had homotopy type theory as an emerging contender for meta-mathematical foundations alongside and on top of category theory, quantum algos like Grover and Shor that can provably demolish most of our contemporary symmetric key crypto, and Lord knows what new on abstract algebras like Galois groups. Mathematics is doing just fine.

        Scott Alexander is full of shit, and so are you. What a surprise. Hey, there’s *one* area where the Jew cult is doing its work, I guess. Shitposting. Coprophilia done in private is out of sight/out of mind, in public it’s abhorrent.


      2. Nullo is just butthurt because his pathetic Defense Of Judea is not flying anywhere.

        What have Jews built? Muh nukes, muh theories. Who gives a shit. All the actual technology from which we all benefit is white-invented; Jews are nothing but clever parasites whose contributions are mostly irrelevant. Jews built nothing and invented nothing – Aryan engineers, technicians, and inventors did everything.

        Cry some more delicious tears about Jewish utter incompetence in the field of creative engineering, eunuch.

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    2. You’re a huge faggot, Nullo. Also, and to the point, Jews can’t into applied science and creative engineering, which is why Jewish domination of academia has — evidently — stifled true inventiveness and all manner of revolutionary technological progress. There are no more technological miracles – it’s all slow incremental development, if not outright stagnation in some fields. Ground-breaking inventions only come from Aryans.

      What have Jews built? Nothing. It’s not “computerization”, dipshit. An Aryan genius can only benefit from the computers, as they nourish his own inborn creativity. It’s JUDAIZATION which destroyed scientific ingenuity and replaced it with Muh Abstract Theories.

      Remove all Jews from society!

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  3. The “neo” in Neo-Reaction is the recognition that the legitimacy of the Cathedral and Western liberal democratic technocracy rests on the truth of (i) human neurological uniformity, (ii) anthropogenic global warming, and (iii) Keynesian economics. Nulle can argue about these all he wants, but it principle they are either true or not true. Name calling will not change any of that. You can say I’m full of shit, but what would be the impact increasing evidence that they are all wrong?

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  4. Essay was good.
    Comment section was one the best and liveliest I’ve read in a while.
    I bookmarked this page and shall push it on twitter.
    well done, all.

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