Minor Note: The Arms Race

Have you ever been inside the armories where the Cathedral forges its weapons? Have you heard the ringing of the hammers, the hiss of steam?

The Cathedral is industrious. It may not be competent, but it is industrious, and it loves weapons-research. Not actual, physical weapons that could protect a population from invaders; it does some of that too, but that is a distinctly low-status activity. I’m talking about a more eldritch sort of weapon. (Cthulhu always swims left, and his reactor gets upgraded regularly.)

I say this because you shouldn’t get over-confident. You may walk through a mob of humanoids shrieking insipid slogans and think smugly that they don’t stand a chance against our superior ideas. Maybe they don’t.

But those slogans you hear – from the dusky mobs, from the bekeffiyehed SJWs, from the IYI media – are thirty years old. They’re outdated. Worse: they’re low-status. The upper echelons of the Cathedral got tired of them decades ago. They’ve had thirty years to toy with them, bat them around, look for holes. Add to them, streamline them. Make them more lethal.

Sometimes I feel clever when I spot a crack in the facade of SJW ideology. But I always have a nagging feeling that someone else spotted the same crack, and developed the same critique, a decade ago — that, worse than being accepted, this critique is now passé — that in one of the many infernal consistories of the Cathedral, dozens of industrious priestlings are scheming on the third version of the new and improved dogma which corrects the flaws of the version which corrected the flaws of the version whose shortcomings belatedly noticed.

So don’t get comfortable. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. They have had a long time to prepare for this.

7 thoughts on “Minor Note: The Arms Race

  1. It seems to me that the core tenets on which the Cathedral is established are blatantly false, so the many holes puncturing the finer points of the Cathedral’s ever-evolving dogma just aren’t that important; it doesn’t particularly matter how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, if Christ isn’t the Son of God.

    Admittedly, I haven’t been inside the armory. From where I stand, the shrieking mobs and the upper-echelon intellectuals believe the same things, the difference lying rather in their ability to coherently articulate their bullshit than in any nuance of dogma.

    Now, let’s say that the nuance is there. So, the professor may be 15 years ahead of the blue-haired Tumblrite (or perhaps it’s the other way around?). Still, even in that case, would you really bother to distinguish between the two forms of insanity as representing different denominations? It’s the very same religion, and it’s false altogether.

    In short, the bespectacled professor and the tranny ANTIFA Tumblrite both believe in (some version of) Human Neurological Uniformity. If you believe in HNU, it doesn’t matter whether or not you also believe in Global Warming or what’s your position on Palestine. Either way you’re a minion of Moloch.

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    1. It’s not different denominations, it’s different service-branches entirely. It’s hot-air balloons versus airplanes; it’s cavalry battalions versus tanks. The horse-cavalry looks awkward charging into a machine gun nest because it’s a relic; the first tanks look awkward trundling towards a machine gun nest because it was jerry-rigged the day before yesterday. But if you think mobile warfare is foolish and it’s time to invest in fortresses, well…

      >In short, the bespectacled professor and the tranny ANTIFA Tumblrite both believe in (some version of) Human Neurological Uniformity.

      Yes, exactly so. They’re wrong, and the fact that they are out of touch with reality will cripple them in the end. But “in the end” ≠ “in the near future”


  2. it’s always good to over estimate the power of your enemy, but the academy has been getting increasingly low-Iq for the last 40 years, at least. they’re not really developing new arms.

    unless you’re talking about Silicon Valley Zuck-president UBI leftism. but that’s almost to the right of anything the current left would ever be confortable with.

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    1. I *don’t* think it’s good to over-estimate the power of your enemy (maybe unbiased estimate + cautious assessment of worst-case scenarios) but I don’t think the lowering of the IQ of the academy has necessarily slowed the pace of production.

      That said, I realize I haven’t backed up my claim with a quantification of *how fast* they are arming, much less any evidence for it. So it’s hard to get technical about the causal factors involved in (a) problems in the university system, (b) to what extent these inhibit leftists conceptual warfare (as opposed to some more productive aspect of academic research), since we don’t even have a concrete “weapons gap” to use as a starting point for the debate.

      If you can think of a way to quantify, I don’t mind getting gritty, though!


  3. Ehh, I wouldn’t worry too much. Remember, the Cathedral is not a secret society. These folks publish peer reviewed papers! You just have to read them! It doesn’t do a journalist much good to keep his ideas hidden. Publish or perish! It is all laid out for your reading pleasure, if you have the stomach for it.

    The real issue is that large groups of people can believe lies for a very long time . . .


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