Minor Note: Invade/Invite In Antiquity

Invade the World, Invite the World is a novel twist on very a very old dynamic.

The classical historical pattern is, A invades B; B is defeated and there is a large exodus away from the conquest; some power from C hires the wandering B-men as mercenaries in a local power struggle; the B-men are enfeoffed in reward, or seize power themselves; the B-men then settle down in C and invite relatives and allied clans to their new region. — This pattern appears with the Anglo-Saxons who fled the Norman Conquest, joined the Varangian Guard, and were settled in Anatolia; the Wells who fled the Anglo-Saxons, and were invited by Magnus Maximus to fight for him in Gaul; and, far earlier, the Galatians invited into Anatolia by some minor diadoche.

The modern innovation is to invade a region yourself, and then use the same refugees you created as a militia against your own countrymen.

(In this connection remember Moldbug’s definition of a militia: capable of monopolizing violence against the civilian population, yet incapable of resisting a modern army.)

2 thoughts on “Minor Note: Invade/Invite In Antiquity

  1. I am more and more convinced all of our foreign enemies are simple a weapon to be used by the regime elites to import a new people and prevent any regime change.

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