Timeline: Last Glacial Maximum and Civilization

25,000 years ago: Last Glacial Maximum. (Sea level: -120m)

17,000 years ago: End of the reign of Horus, according to Manetho.

15,000-10,000 years ago: Bulk of melting occurs in three “meltwater pulses” (MWP-1a, MWP-1b, MWP-1c). (Sea levels rise 80m, from -100m to -20m, an average rate of approximately 16mm per year.)

14,500-11,500 years ago: Earliest archaeological evidence of civilization in the Nile valley.

14,000 years ago: Beginning of the reign of first pharaohs, according to Herodotus.

12,900 years ago: Hypothetical date of a Younger Dryas impact event.

5,000 years ago: Reign of Pharaoh Manes of the First Dynasty.

4,500±200 years ago: Construction of the Sphinx.

5 thoughts on “Timeline: Last Glacial Maximum and Civilization

  1. So, if we get a new ice age, how much civilization goes away, and how big of a die-off? JIT inventory doesn’t work w/ 3 ft of snow on the interstate.

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    1. An interesting question. I think it automatically comes down to “How bad of an ice age is it?” Snowball Earth, we will have 100ky warning or so to evacuate for Mars. Something less severe might not lead to any die-off at all, since we would have at least, idk, 10ky to adapt. (But n.b., it all gets at the question of what the carrying capacity of the Earth is, period.)


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