Fun AIDS facts

Cost of anti-retrovirals, per patient per year: The average annual cost of HIV care in the ART era was estimated to be $19,912 (in 2006 dollars; $23,000 in 2010 dollars).3 The most recent published estimate of lifetime HIV treatment costs was $367,134 (in 2009 dollars; $379,668 in 2010 dollars).

Average cost per new case identified (just in terms of the diagnostic costs): $2,000-$10,000 in hospitals, $10,000-$20,000 in community organizations, $3,000-$30,000 in jails.

New US cases per year: In 2015, 40,000 new cases; in the last decade, 40,000-50,000.

Growth in gay population per year, estimating age cohorts at 5M and gay men at 2% of male population: 50,000 per year.

Estimating per-patient costs at $25k, annual total cost of AIDS drugs in US: $27.5 billion.

Average annual cost of AIDS per payer of federal income tax: $225

Total US consumer spending on prescription drugs, 2015: $328 billion

AIDS drugs as a percentage of total US prescription drug spending: 8%


Bake the cake, bigot!


4 thoughts on “Fun AIDS facts

  1. […] II. Tacitly of course I’m assuming the finding that all the extra spending in the richest OECD countries doesn’t improve health outcomes! Quite likely there is evidence pointing the other way as well; perhaps the truly massive scale of the white mortality uptick has been masked by a simultaneous improvement in mortality from all other causes besides deaths of despair? (Big if true. — Or maybe we should model higher-order medical purchases as more like bungee-jumping, and the smack high is the kind of thing we’re buying and the mortality is  ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ) Conceivably you have a whole list of budget items like pills and SRS and …? that, taken together, paint a picture of these finicky higher-order desires. (Such a list wouldn’t strike me as unthinkable now that I’m aware HIV, a single virus!, can account for 8% of consumer Rx spending by itself.) […]


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