Next Steps

I mentioned a while back that QL may go into hibernation soon. That may happen after I finish the “Marriage” series, or it may happen closer to September. I haven’t made up my mind yet. Either way, I am not entirely sure what to focus on next.

“What to focus on next” has two senses (both, of course, with respect to QL):

  • Between now and the proposed hibernation, what is most worth blogging about?
  • Going forward, what is the best use of QL?

I’m not entirely sure what has been useful or useless here. I have a much stronger sense of which posts individual friends like or dislike than whether any of them are “useful” or “on the right track”.

I can’t help but think the first few essays I posted here were the best, and that the orientation of those essays (roughly: to a certain political or ideological situation surrounding us, rather than to a specific question to answer or problem to solve) elevated them above what came later. Should I go back to that?

I go back through older pieces and feel proud of some of what I accomplished, but vaguely regret that I pegged strong arguments to irrelevant, long-forgotten controversies, or folded an insightful general observation into a discussion of some narrow topic. In other cases the value of a longer, meandering piece comes in a few short sections which (regrettably) wouldn’t make much sense if they were lifted out of context. Part of me wants to return to these pieces, extract the best parts, and rework them into a sort of Summa Quaslacrima. But that would be a lot of work, and it wouldn’t be very fun.

Speaking of things that aren’t fun: QL has a hundred or more posts now, and it’s possible that what would be of most use to potential future readers is editorial work: copy-editing, better use of tags and categories, more links from post to post (and possibly pages describing connections between posts on a certain category). Nick Steves has strongly encouraged me to use categories more, but it’s nearly impossible to remember while I’m writing and even when I do, I normally have no idea which categories would be useful until much later.

It would be nice to figure out what topics (and what kinds of posts) are most useful for, or at least interesting to, my readers, but I have never been able to get a handle on that. The only thing that seems to matter is how often I post: the topics, the length, where I publicize the blog, none of that appears to matter much.



4 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. Quincy, it would be great for you to do a fulsome take on Moldbug’s Puritan hypothesis since you are one of the few (perhaps only) dissenters among the Social Matter crowd.

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    1. Funny you mention it, that was what I was working on after dinner tonight. It is rough around the edges, but I think I can post the current state of my thinking tomorrow night.


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