Unsolicited thoughts on dating

I haven’t “dated” anyone in a very long time and hopefully I never will again. (Ora pro nobis.) This makes me mostly unqualified to offer serious analysis, let alone advice, on questions of dating, mating, and courtship in TCY. But a friend was complaining about being a single reactionary in a degenerate city, and I might as well share these thoughts.

One reason dating is tough for right-wingers is because the whole concept of “dating” is a degeneration of our social institutions from traditions that had endured for centuries. Bracket the question, “How could we ever go back to pre-modern courtship?” That is a difficult problem, but even just focusing on the here-and-now:

  1. Women who were raised right-wing probably aren’t gonna participate in the degenerate contemporary practices around dating (not at the same rate as whores, anyway)
  2. Women who do participate will probably suspect that you look down on them for doing so (which you should)

The problem goes far deeper than whether you can bond over empty chatter about your least-favorite politicians and war criminals. (That is probably what most girls have in mind when they advertise their political orientation to potential mates.) Say your reactionary tendencies extend to religion: some of my readers aren’t religious, but run with it for the sake of argument.

Well, if you’re devout you probably aren’t gonna marry a girl who will object to raising your kids orthodox. That probably means she has to be orthodox herself, and in fact of the same denomination (because otherwise she’ll want to raise the kids in a way she considers orthodox, but you don’t). That means randomly meeting girls, you are unlikely to stumble on a match.

(Reminder: many “ills of modernity” are only vulnerabilities of modernity, exacerbated by the disappearance of ethnic homogeneity. The more ethnea you cram into a city, the less likely any two randomly chosen kids can start a life together.)

Now, if a girl really imprints on you she’ll convert to Tengrism to have your babies. Girls are hyperconformists that way. But ex ante, you are either:

  1. Dating a lot of girls who aren’t serious candidates for starting a family, or
  2. Restricting yourself to looking someplace you are likely to meet orthodox people, which would be someplace like a church where you’re unlikely to make a romantic match to begin with

That adds up to a lot of wasted time.

This is just exploring the difficulties of living in the City of Man from the perspective of one right-wing idea, that you want to raise your kids in a certain way and need someone compatible. Difficult! Multiply across multiple ideas…


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