Note on Public Housing Statistics

I put together these statistics in 2016 when I occasionally encountered leftists making dishonest claims about the racial impact of American welfare policies. They are useful if you want to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land, but obviously base any detailed argument/analysis on more recent statistics.

Recent (as of 2016) stats on public housing recipients, broken down by ethnicity);

  • 2.0M families receive vouchers, of which
    • 35% white,
    • 45% black;
  • 1.2M receive public housing, of which
    • 32% white,
    • 45% black;
  • 1.3M receive project-based housing, of which
    • 49% white,
    • 33% black;
  • 0.4M receive some other form of public housing (for which there is no racial breakdown)
  • Taking vouchers, public housing, and project-based housing together,
    • 38% of all housing assistance goes to whites,
    • 40% to blacks,
    • and 22% to hispanics.

(If you need % hispanic for some subcategory of public housing, note that w+b+h = 100%.) The 2016 numbers are similar to older statistics as far back as Spring 1995, at which point  the beneficiaries of all forms of housing assistance were

  • 48% black (n.b. in 1995 blacks were 12% of population, 19% of renters, and 30% of qualifying poor families),
  • 39% white (in 1995 whites were 66% of total renters).

I probably don’t need to tell you that the game leftists like to play (for public housing, and for every other statistic) is to take the least representative subcategory and talk about it as though it were the aggregate.

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