(You were warned not to come in here! This glossary is still under construction and likely to remain so for the rest of 2017, but I wanted to put it under the More tab so that I have easy from the QL homepage)

My goal is to have a glossary, primarily of terms coined by Mencius Moldbug that I refer to often (but maybe including just terms from AltRight/NRx in general) which I want to be able to consult while I’m writing posts… i.e., essentially to make it as easy as possible to grab the link if I want to provide definitions for the convenience of my readers.

General format is: term • link to original Mencius Moldbug use (with quotation if concise) • any additional important Moldbug uses • if I have written on the term, link to my definition of it (with quotation, particularly if the term is loosely defined by Moldbug) • any other really gr8 uses by me • most important followers of Moldbug and their most authoritative interpretations/definitions (or, original formulations)

If you find an earlier Moldbug reference (or an explicit definition, or a pre-Moldbug antecedent) let me know and I will add it.  Since this is primarily for my personal use for quickly adding links to posts, I apologize if my taste doesn’t match yours; feel free to fork what I’ve got and make your own, better version.

Sources to consult for Glosses/links: SM’s compendium, Peter Taylor’s (GI)^2

Blue Gov’t/Red Gov’t: Anti-Americanism as Blue Empire

Calvinist Hypothesis: 1

Caste (Brahmin, Optimate, Frontine, Vaisya, Antayaja, Dalit, Helot, Shudra)


?Conquest’s second law – Many quotations purporting to be C’s three laws on the internet but I’ve never seen a citation to a book, nor an explicit statement that C never wrote them down

Cthulhu – (Gentle Intro to UR pt 1)

a version of cthulhu from jim w’ is good & also connects to episcopacy/cathedral

Dark Enlightenment –


Demotism – Democracy as political formula

Gnon – “Nature or Nature’s God” from Nick B. Steves, coined as Gnon by Nick Land; cf. “Omhundro’s and Bostrom’s notion of convergent instrumental values

Formal/Informal Power

Formalist Manifesto (UR) 2007.04.23 (4/22 on 2blowhards)

(my stuff: Cathedral & Eng CW; Clarification on Informal Capacities)





Rectification of Names





?Exo-semantic gang sign; also, ?thede (nydwracu, (related: Dividual’s two failure-modes for group dynamics, lack of outgroup and torn apart by intersecting groups)

?Horrorism – Nick Land

?Hyperstition – fear of something making it real…

?Iron Law of Rebellion – rebels tools of elite faction…

?Overton Bubble

Virtue Signal: Delingpole; me

Status points, Psychopathic Status Maximization: Spandrell, plus signalling intention to defect


Credence Good: “A type of good with qualities that cannot be observed by the consumer after purchase, making it difficult to assess its utility. Typical examples of credence goods include expert services such as medical procedures, automobile repairs and dietary supplements.”