(You were warned not to come in here! This glossary is still under construction and likely to remain so for the rest of 2017, but I wanted to put it under the More tab so that I have easy from the QL homepage)

My goal is to have a glossary, primarily of terms coined by Mencius Moldbug that I refer to often (but maybe including just terms from AltRight/NRx in general) which I want to be able to consult while I’m writing posts… i.e., essentially to make it as easy as possible to grab the link if I want to provide definitions for the convenience of my readers.

General format is: term • link to original Mencius Moldbug use (with quotation if concise) • any additional important Moldbug uses • if I have written on the term, link to my definition of it (with quotation, particularly if the term is loosely defined by Moldbug) • any other really gr8 uses by me • most important followers of Moldbug and their most authoritative interpretations/definitions (or, original formulations)

If you find an earlier Moldbug reference (or an explicit definition, or a pre-Moldbug antecedent) let me know and I will add it.  Since this is primarily for my personal use for quickly adding links to posts, I apologize if my taste doesn’t match yours; feel free to fork what I’ve got and make your own, better version.

Sources to consult for Glosses/links: SM’s compendium, Peter Taylor’s (GI)^2

Caste (Brahmin, Optimate, Frontine, Vaisya, Antayaja, Dalit, Helot, Shudra)


?Conquest’s second law – Many quotations purporting to be C’s three laws on the internet but I’ve never seen a citation to a book, nor an explicit statement that C never wrote them down

Cthulhu – (Gentle Intro to UR pt 1)

Dark Enlightenment –



Gnon – “Nature or Nature’s God” from Nick B. Steves, coined as Gnon by Nick Land; cf. “Omhundro’s and Bostrom’s notion of convergent instrumental values

Formal/Informal Power

Formalist Manifesto (UR) 2007.04.23 (4/22 on 2blowhards)

(my stuff: Cathedral & Eng CW; Clarification on Informal Capacities)





Rectification of Names





?Exo-semantic gang sign; also, ?thede (nydwracu,

?Horrorism – Nick Land

?Hyperstition – fear of something making it real…

?Iron Law of Rebellion – rebels tools of elite faction…

?Overton Bubble

Virtue Signal: Delingpole; me