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If Sakharov &al. were correct, we need to look very carefully at what went wrong in the Soviet Union. It’s easy to stigmatize these as Brahmins demanding more-more-more power, but… well, it’s complicated. Long story short, if in the long run growth crushes non-growth, and letting dilettantes and students blabber to each other is necessary for growth, and the blabbering leads almost immediately to collapse… quo vadis? — The Need for Democratization

Conquest’s Second Law (More Right Archive) Offers four explanations: (a) institutions tend to entropy and Leftism is a function of entropy (I assume meaning, just like indecision and inconsistency); (b) institutions precess around social means and Cthulhu is swimming left; (c) active entryism by small groups that hijack large groups (citing Jim); (d) holiness spirals (Jim again, now on pharisaism) {{My additions: psychic entryism of sinners (=latent leftists); “institutional justice”, redistribution of fruits of passivism; connection to C1 via the need to mimic “good guys”}} —— Related: Online Movements

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Short reference: <<< Walter Devereux makes good points but I wonder if he’s conflating three senses of Gesamtkunstwerk: life as art (the whole life, stitched harmoniously together), the culture as art (the whole discourse/genre/whatever, each part seen organically in context), and the crowd as art (like ballet or Busby Berkeley, coordination as a form of aesthetic perfection)