These are links that I’ve had trouble finding in the past – version of this paper on Axelrod’s homepage – a related 2013 ethnocentrism paper with an amusing .gif illustrating the results

ethnocentrism-animation2 – an essay by Sarah Perry on Ribbon Farm, pushing the hypothesis that a lot of seemingly-anti-social youth behavior is looking to elicit involuntary affect, lack of which is a sign of sociopathy – The Xunzi essay with the quotation, “Once I spent an entire day lost in thought, but it was not as good as a moment of study.” – At the moment, CSULB seems to have locked off all the .pdfs that KMac used to host on his homepage, but the links are all here.

Paul Gottfried, “Trump’s Most Bitter Enemies”, June 3 2016 — Notes “Jewish Nazi” syndrome, first described by Thomas Szasz in psychiatry, where jews liked to plot the institutionalization of their inimicos. He sees the same stain is found in all neoconservatives; all differences of opinion represent an existential threat, all enemies must be not only defeated, but destroyed and indeed humiliated. — On reading Commentary: “Reading this confessional bombast, one sometimes gets the feeling of having just attended a Woody Allen movie.”

Tribes and Social Status >>> wth ever happened to AspieSavant?