Top Fourteen

Most popular posts on Quas Lacrimas as of July 18, 2017:

  1. Attrition in the Meme War
  2. Brazilification
  3. Logical tells for leftists
  4. Basic Strategic Concepts
  5. The NatSocratic Method (or: How to act confused about the Holocaust)
  6. On Conspiratorial Thinking
  7. Religious phylogeny and the “Kike on a stick”
  8. How Not To Be Doxxed
  9. Memetic Lebensraum, Part 1 (Resisting Assimilation)
  10. Matthew Yglesias, crackhead, and his snowflake theory of identity politics
  11. The Cathedral, the English Civil War, and informal power
  12. Political Concepts: Fascism
  13. Physical Anthropology in 1950
  14. Recipe for Reaction


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