Top Fourteen

Most popular posts on Quas Lacrimas as of June 25, 2018:

  1. Religious phylogeny and the “Kike on a stick”
  2. Attrition in the Meme War
  3. Brazilification
  4. Nine Hypotheses on Women, Status, and Education
  5. Logical tells for leftists
  6. Basic Strategic Concepts
  7. Memetic Lebensraum, Part 1 (Resisting Assimilation)
  8. The NatSocratic Method (or: How to act confused about the Holocaust)
  9. Recipe for Reaction
  10. Status and Women
  11. On Conspiratorial Thinking
  12. Matthew Yglesias, crackhead, and his snowflake theory of identity politics
  13. How Not To Be Doxxed
  14. The Cathedral, the English Civil War, and informal power


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