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  1. My 2016 Election Predictions (June 22)
  2. Radicalism and Global Finance
  3. Fellow Travelers (cf. Political Parties)
  4. Disrupting the Feminist Cluster (cf. Disruption is Easy; Resisting Assimilation)
  5. Poz-resistance and Protestantism (duplicate?)
  6. Gay POZ Matters (Leftist Statistical Fallacies) (cf. Logical tells for leftists)
  7. TPM’s Foolish Faith in TV Ads (June 20)
  8. Defending Private Property, Avoiding Virtue-Signals (plus Hayek)
  9. Collateral Damage in the Battle of the Sexes
  10. Over-Expansion of Academia causes “Two Cultures”
  11. Re-capturing institutions (the GOP, Christian denominations)
  12. Poz-resistance and Protestantism
  13. Pissing Matches over Sinfulness (cf. Loving the Sinner series)
  14. Preparing for the “Alt-Right Speech”
  15. Babies, Families, and Status-Signals
  16. Virtue Signaling about Extremists (cf. Virtue Signals [SM])