Babies, Families, and Status-Signals

1/(Warning, rant about demographics incoming)

Short of real eugenics, best demographic fix: invert all class-status issues that lead people

2/to delay & downsize family formation. Women crave high status. Today, having babies young, or many babies, is considered low status.

3/And expensive consumerism is high status. Be impolite about money, & reverse these assumptions. Hurt people’s feelings. “Oh, no kids yet?”

4/”You can’t afford kids? Why, how much does your husband make?” — Counter-intuitive? You think if people feel bad about how little money

5/they have, they’ll spend less on kids? If so, you understand nothing about status and status signals. Status = symbols that confer status.

6/Do the same thing when talking about others. Be crass, if you can. Express admiration for those w/ bigger (or younger) families than yours

7/Confess you wish you had the income to pull it off. Laugh at people who delay; laugh at dual-income households, too. Make it embarrassing.

8/“You think HE can support HER as a stay-at-home mom? She earns more than he does!” — Doesn’t matter what their politics are. On politics,

9/they get to decide whether to agree or disagree with you. But with status, your opinion matters in itself; they don’t get a veto.

10/May seem impolite, but it’s less awkward than fixing demography with machetes. War is hell, right?