Collateral Damage in the Battle of the Sexes

5 July 2016

1/Some of the half-serious stuff y’all post on gender relations is pozzed, btw. I’m all for ius raptio & dimorphism, but let’s get serious:

2/If a man can’t trust a woman’s judgment, maybe he shouldn’t date her. Your sons and daughters are going to get those genes, remember.

3/You should not be obsessively focused on reasoning about every subject 24/7. You should be able to consult your wife and trust her answer-

4/-on any question where she cares more than you or has dealt with it more than you. Decisions are chores and should be divided efficiently.

5/Second, we’re all conceived in sin. Life is a struggle against sin. Only God can grant your grace, but your wife should have your back.

6/Due to pop-culture fetish of cucked men/nagging wives, some on the right fetishize wild men/enabling wives. You’re buying the Left’s frame

7/If you don’t trust a woman’s moral compass, & trust her to lean against you where/when you’re weak, you probably shouldn’t be dating her.

8/(Likewise, if you don’t trust her to find productive and feminine ways to aid you in self-cultivation, vs. unpleasant and feminist ways.)

9/I could bore you by continuing on ten different subjects. Basic idea: a healthy marriage isn’t the evil version of a bolshevist marriage!

10/Bolshevism attempts to pervert our basic picture of man, love, and family to obscure real issues. (Fin.)