Disrupting the Feminist Cluster

18 August 2016

I want to think about feminist rot as a cluster of symptoms with different causes and effects. So I avoid metonymy

Tantum Malorum added,

Implicitly White Eli @MartianHoplite

If women’s suffrage is possible, nothing else is. It’s practically a death sentence; just one that takes a few generations to carry out.

1/What I mean: in any kind of multiple player game w/ (a) rivalry and (b) cooperation, strategy is to cement your coalition, fracture theirs
2/(This is an “always” thing. If you habitually bother to consider the opposite strategy, you don’t understand strategy very well. Sorry!)
3/How does this related to Eli’s comment? Well, there is a rough correlation between social movements, ideologies, and political factions.

4/A faction is a coalition of groups with different goals. An ideology is a collection of arguments/rhetoric promoting those goals. And also

5/…a social movement is a variety different changes in a society, loosely connected by the causes and factors who advance them.

6/Your attitude towards the individual changes that make up the movement, and logical positions that make of the ideology, must be the same-

7/–as your attitude towards the the (currently) cooperating groups that make up the political faction. You want to split them all up.

8/You shouldn’t be moderate. (Although it helps if you’re not a perfectionist.) You can liquidate them all, but you not all at the same time

9/Relevance to quote? I’m anti-suffrage, but I don’t want to equate suffragettes with the full doom that feminism collectively brings on us.

10/Analyze pros & cons of suffrage independently of pros and cons of other feminist degeneration. First step towards prying apart coalition.