Fellow Travelers

25 May 2016

D.O.: I’m fed up with half measuring hypocrites hijacking the #AltRight and making it worthless by refusing to centralize race or Jewish power.

Me: @DawningOwl There’s no steering wheel and no brakes, so idk how you think they’re hijacking it.

D.O: #AltRight is a fearlessly uncompromising movement. What is more politically correct than avoiding race and Jewish power?

Me: @DawningOwl 1/ Just to reply to your points while it’s fresh in my mind… first, he goes on the media and says things like

2/”Wait, but the jews do control the media!”&”No one cares about the Holocaust anymore”&”We just want the same rights as Israel”

3/…which is taking a risk with his career, to say the least. At any rate, you may be confusing the precipice we’ve all jumped-

4/off (the JQ) with how we talk to others. There are things all red-pilled believe that no competent ppl say on stage at DePaul.

5/Milo’s soft on race… but so is Ann Coulter, who has done more than nearly anyone to save the country. So is Jim Webb, the…

6/…only Democrat who defied BLM. You don’t move the Overton Window by getting Ann Coulter blacklisted. I understand your quite

7/reasonable irritation that those who create and those who profit are not always the same, but console yourself that the Alt-R-

8/”celebrities” are doing an enormous amount of very boring work themselves. People who value fame get fame, etc. etc.