Poz-resistance and Protestantism (duplicate?)

26 May 2016

1 . / To elaborate on the Lutheran/Calvinist thought:Euro traits are exhibited to different degrees in different nations/regions.

2/Euro-majority communities work well for a number of reasons but the weight/prevalence of different inherited traits varies by community.

3/A common Euro-trait is high levels of reciprocal altruism (tit-for-tat), with relatively little clannishness/assabiya. And in some cases–

4/a mix of selflessness (non-retaliation for perceived slights) helps smooth out the tit-for-tat by preventing echo effects.

5/(“Echo”=where two reciprocal altruism strategies get caught in a rut because they keep retaliating over and over against each other)

6/One way to live in a really great community is to live where levels of altruism, & even selflessness, are really high (Swedish Lutherans).

7/When everyone cooperates, it’s easy to stay on the high road to a good life. These are the people we describe as “too nice”, effeminate.

8/They’re also the ppl we mock for accepting moral necessity of pretending blacks are oppressed Einsteins, yet fleeing to all-white towns

9/OTOH, the pro-social traits can also be hard-wired. They don’t need to live in a town where everyone follows the rules to follow the rule.

10/I think it’s an elegant explanation of why some states that have always been kind of pozzy have so little social dysfunction. Some groups

11/find that they can essentially abolish formal social authority, live in anarchy, and everyone is still happy. They mistakenly conclude…

12/the formal laws were redundant. But in fact, the laws have been bred into their DNA, which is why they follow them hell or high water.