Preparing for the “Alt-Right Speech”

1/Get ready for a massive wave of pushback on Friday if you live surrounded in a sea of moderate normies.

2/Do you know many traditionalists? In next 24 hrs review Washington, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin, Immigration Act of 1792.

3/When they bring up Hillary’s speech, you want to quote best lines, send links. Are they calling the Founding Fathers evil?

4/(Remember, ppl will confuse your fluency w/ the facts for your degree of certainty, or even the accuracy of a fact itself!)

5/Do you know pragmatist nerds who like numbers and data? Review Borjas’ work on immigration & wages, Putnam on diversity.

6/STEMlords who mostly care about what goes on in lab and vote however John Oliver tells them? Review the recent genetics lit

7/Friday may well be the day you get best chance to demonstrate to these people that the Democrats are the anti-science party

8/Or maybe your friends are eccentric and individualistic? Run through examples of media coordination, media lies, misuse of-

9/–photos, collusion between the campaign and journalists. Censorship on university campuses, demonization of dissent.

10/However it may be, Hillary’s speech will be a rare good time for use of evidence, IF tailored to biases of audience. (Fin)