Radicalism and Global Finance

1/It’s so surprise that the extremism of previously patient left-wing parties comes with their embrace of globalist financial capital.

2/So long as leftists were anti-finance/anti-corporate, PLUS all their wacky cultural/regulatory schemes, finance pushed hard against them.

3/Traditionally, “patient” leftist parties were limited in the extremism of their proposals by the force of centrist opposition they’d face

4/(IOW, if you push for more class warfare and more degeneracy, you lose centrist supporters until you lose elections. Anthony Downs’ model)

5/But that assumed you held certain major constituencies constant – for example, than the financial/corporate elite want no piece of leftism

6/When leftists started to more and more openly embrace Wall St., corporations as potential organs of Big Gov’t, they had no pushback

7/Suddenly, they could push their racial/sexual/cultural schemes much more aggressively, because so much funding had switched sides.

8/The more aggressively the push the cultural issues, the more satisfied the activist base is, giving political cynics more maneuvering room

9/–to forge allies with globalist bankers, and screw over workers. That in turn buys them more and more political leeway to push degeneracy

10/Now we’re at the point where Clinton can openly say, “What’s the point of attacking the banks? There would still be racism and sexism.”

11/As the Dem constituency “boils off” remaining cadres are inclined/trained to be more receptive to cultural radicalism + economic cronyism

12/So the bizarre result… people with no respect for anything valuable, ethically or economically, about capitalism, wringing their hands-

13/over Brexit, not even bother to hide disdain for the working class and their respect for their globalist financier masters. No shame!

14/That’s how you get a US election where no one even MENTIONS or DISCUSSES that importing cheap labor is bad for laborers/good for the rich

15/…and yet at the same time as this seemingly moderate economic signaling, you see them pushing the most vile kinds of degeneracy.

16/There is a direct line between HRC’s Goldman Sachs’ payoffs, & jokes about celebrating abortion rulings by creating a baby to murder.

17/In their new unholy alliance, the leftists have a NIHIL OBSTAT from globalist power-brokers for whatever vile plans they can dream up.

18/Lenin wanted to seize the “commanding heights”, &let entrepreneurs run free. The Clintons have the opposite idea.



Julius Ebola: I don’t think elites actually care about culture war issues.

Me: It depends what you mean by “elites”. Top 100? Maybe not. Top 0.001%, 0.01%, 0.1%, 1%, 10%? Yes, they care a fair amount.

JE: The globalist court the radical left through proxies when it’s convenient.

Me: There have always been personal ties between the two (a la the Frankfurt School) but historically the class-alliance is novel.

Boku no Vico: Occupy Wall Street was a job interview