Re-capturing institutions (the GOP, Christian denominations)

18 May 2016

Thought about Christianity, since this is an issue that bubbles up every few days in my feed:

1/ Today’s text is “For my yoke is easy, my burthen light”

2/ Christianity is central to Western Civ, Christian Churches are mostly destroying Western civilization. This causes AltRighters to clash.

3/ Ppl don’t seem to recognize this is almost identical to the relationship between “the political Right” and “the GOPe”. We understand that

4/…the value of right-wing ideas, policies, and constituencies is independent of the institutions created to organize them, which can be

5/co-opted, corrupted, bought out, etc. How to deal with a particular (corrupt) church is a matter of convenience, just like dealing w/ GOPe

6/Re-capturing the GOPe, purging it, rebuilding a new party, alliance of convenience… all options possible, trying several at once optimal

7/Going full fedora because the church is cucked is like voting Bernie because the GOPe is cucked.

8/It is extremely unlikely you will be cut off from redemption for choosing the wrong organizational politics with respect to bad churches.

9/To say that the yoke is easy is to say redemption is available to all who have faith in Christ. But how many people have the talent…

10/…necessary to tease out theological subtleties? Or the luck to be a conformist in a society led by those with that talent? If you are

11/a Christian, you are not one because of the precision of your ecclesiological doctrine. Read the Bible and pick a church you can uncuck.

12/Or call some friends and meet in your kitchen like Paul and his proselytes. But stop letting clergy who like $$$ affect your zeal.

13/The same sorts of considerations apply, in almost the exact same analogy, to snobbery that leads step-by-step to atheist status-signaling

14/Yes, some Christians have silly beliefs. Some Christians are superstitious. Some Christians see God much as idolators saw Zeus. But,

15/His yoke is easy and His burthen light. No one told you that salvation was for the 1% of the population that is obsessed with philosophy

16/so where did you get the idea that bumbling theological misconceptions were damnable? It’s no different than thinking the AltRight could

17/…win elections with only the 1% of the population that knows what Markov chains are. We want to be right, of course, but we understand

18/that only sophisticated ppl with have a sophisticated understanding of why we are right, & there must be easier visions for other people.

19/Atheism is, like cultural marxism, really just a way to signal virtue: “I went to college, I know exactly how low-status those guys are”.