Virtue Signaling about Extremists

26 June 2016

This from @NolteNC and @heytammybruce is a spectacular example of how leftist hegemony and virtue-signals control us

1/Idk about Bruce but Nolte not only isn’t a leftist, he’s not even a cuck. But look how leftist control of the narrative functions:

2/First, a group goes to demonstrate. No one’s ever heard of the “traditionalist workers party”. Who know wth TWP believes, this is the USA

3/TWP has a right to demonstrate. Bolshies hear a right-wing group is going to demonstrate, and organize an astro-turf counter-demo.

4/Why? They oppose the TWP ‘cuz TWP is right-wing. Bolsheviks express that by calling them “Nazis”. Same term, no matter actual platform.

5/Then when Bolsheviks start violence, the media report violence. TWP says they’re, well, traditionalist. Bolshies call them nazis. Media?

6/The pinko media split the difference and call them “right-wing ‘nazis’.” That way they acknowledge “both sides” of the argument.

7/Now, forward that story to a GOP pundit. What does he fixate on? Well, the conflation of “right-wing” with the pejorative “nazi”, ofc!

8/He has put a ton of effort into arguing that the BAD aspects of nazism, like vegetarianism, are most strongly associated with the LEFT.

9/It’s not that Mr. Pundit is wrong. He has just been conditioned like one of Pavlov’s Dogs into acting in a predictable way to his trigger.

10/Mr. Pundit has been turned into a pavlovian sleeper agent for bolshevism. All they need to do is drop the trigger word, and bam! Like Q,

11/…he’s barking away, attacking the right-wing demonstrators, calling them leftist scum, vegetarianism, DemsRReelFascists, whatever.

12/It doesn’t matter in any individual case whether he agrees with the TWP, or other demonstrators. The point is, there are four groups:

13/The antifa are stabbing right-wing activists. Media interview the antifa. Leftist pundits are saying “Well, hate-speech is bad mkay?”

14/And the right, the only people in society who might stand up for anyone rightward of Joe Biden, invariably disavows, calls them leftists.

15/What’s the effect of that? Normal people see right-wing activists stabbed, slandered, stripped of rights, w/ absolutely zero pushback…

16/and reasonably conclude that right-wing ideas must be kinda EEEVil, for mysterious reasons that normal ppl don’t really care to learn.

17/Note that @NolteNC did not stop to ask why admitted left-wing paramilitary (antifa) would bother to stab/slander OTHER left-wing fascists

18/The impulsive virtue-signalling isn’t logical. Simple 3-card monte. First, condition him to disavow unattractive versions of his position

19/Once you’ve taught him that trick, & told him he’s a good boy, label every version of his position with the “unattractive” label.

20/Now you start chaining them together. Once this friendly fire makes one form of right-wing ideas rare, you use that as the new slur.

21/First Jim Crow is Nazism; then capitalism is Jim Crow; finally the Bill of Rights is just a tool of capitalism. Attack, boy! Sic ’em!

22/(End transmission)